The LTM Lab is hiring!

We are currently hiring a postdoctoral research associate! Please follow the link below for the full job posting.

Principal Investigator


Nicole Long

Nicole is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Virginia. Nicole completed her Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania working with Michael Kahana, followed by a post-doctoral appointment with Brice Kuhl at the University of Oregon. 

Research coordinator


Hannah Buras

Hannah is the LTM lab research coordinator and oversees participant recruitment and data collection. Her research interests include perception and the impact of memory on cognitive and behavioral responses. When not in the lab, Hannah enjoys playing roller derby, baking, and diving into fantasy books.

Graduate students


Subin Han

Subin is a first year graduate student in Cognitive Psychology. She is interested in exploring the transition from perception to memory, and the interactions between the internal and external modes of cognition. Outside of work, she likes reading novels, and watching movies.

Isabelle Moore

Isabelle Moore

Isabelle is a fifth year graduate student in Cognitive Psychology. She uses EEG and fMRI to investigate how items are associated in memory. She is also interested in aging and false memory. Outside of the lab, Isabelle can be found playing the cello and tending to her collection of houseplants.

Devyn Smith

Devyn Smith

Devyn is a fifth year graduate student in Cognitive Psychology. She is interested in investigating the role of mnemonic brain states and reward on memory performance and decision making. In her free time Devyn likes baking and hanging out with her dachshund, Weenee and her cat, Arugula.

Undergraduate students


Eddie Ashie

Third year Neuroscience major


Emma Blau

Fourth year Cognitive Science major


Leah Cassidy

Third year Neuroscience & Spanish major


Patrick Fang

Fourth year Cognitive Science major


Lola Fuentes Brock

Third year Neuroscience major


Amanda Smith

Third year Neuroscience & Health, Ethics, Society major


Abigail Turner

Fourth year Cognitive Science & Biology major


Theo Wilson

Second year intended Cognitive Science/Neuroscience major